June 16, 2024


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Dreams Do Come True: A Reveller Who Became a Custom Jewelry and Fragrance Designer

Jonnyo Dulay owns a fashion brand S1ck Jewelry. He has collaborated with manufacturers in Italy, with the latest lineup of apparel, from hats to jackets, and handbags.

There are many reasons why Perfume is an absolute necessity of an accessory. It not only adds to the confidence of an individual but also has the power of persuasion which imbues a sense of fashion and style. Likewise Jewelry has long been connotated making a fashion statement. It has the ability to light up a simple party dress or even a casual pair of jeans. And when we speak of these, we keep men inclusive.

More often than not, the efforts to feel the charisma that everyone has in them seldom comes from men. Jonnyo Dulay aka Jonny Truelove saw this as a consequence of many brands not paying the due attention to men. He saw how men who fancied Fragrances and Jewelry were regarded as effeminate. And that was it, he became a fragrance and jewelry designer.

Jonnyo Dulay chose this path because he has always been drawn to the nightlife, for some reason he couldn’t comprehend, he saw women stood out more to men. He felt the need to provide the same standing out factor to men. To physically improve their social presence he created custom jewelry that speaks to their lives in some way. But it couldn’t end there; attracting a spouse would necessitate an individual’s presence to stand out, so he produced Pheromone infused Fragrances, each designed to achieve different results. Something that was intricately dealt with was the idea to bring focus on the individuality of the person. The concept was unique and the response to it mirrored how badly men wanted it. 

Jonnyo Dulay owns the fashion brand, “S1ck Jewelry.’ He worked with Liquid Alchemy labs, one of the world’s top pheromone specialists, and blended a series of test formulas to create timeless scents that also happen to attract people using his sense of social skill mastery.From blending .925 sterling silver, 18k gold with semi-precious & precious stones all into beautiful uniquely detailed handmade custom Jewelry Designer Jonnyo Dulay has now collaborated with manufacturers in Italy, with the latest lineup of apparel, from hats to jackets, and handbags made from exotic skins such as Ostrich & Python Leather, soon to be released Q1 2022.

Their pheromones fragrances have been also named Top Pick Attraction Formulas. Their Pheromones 2021 have been featured as best for the 4th consecutive year.

Jonnyo Dulay does what he does with so much love and passion which is visible through his choice of profession. And he is not stopping anytime soon as he prepares s1ck apparel and handbags release for early Q1 made with exotic leather all manufactured and made in Italy.

He shared: “I had a crazy past and had seen a lot of things that most people haven’t, and I knew I was meant for Greatness, but I also knew that it could only be attained by serving God. If I could turn back time, I’d have someone tell me that mistakes are just the beginning of success, so make them sooner rather than later, and don’t repeat them. The faster one recognises and acts on change, the more time one has, because time is something we can’t get back.”

We are anticipating a huge response to Jonnyo Dulay’s take on handbags and apparel! 

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