February 22, 2024


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Five party games to play with your family during holiday gatherings

Suggestions for friendly competition during Christmas and Kwanzaa seasons.

A little healthy competition never hurts anyone, especially around the holiday season. We know of the classic games like UNO, Spades, and Dominoes, but here are a few out of the box ideas to get the party started:

Jingle Bell Toss:

Photo: Playground ParkBench

Photo: Playground ParkBench

Courtesy: Playground ParkBench

Think of it as the clean version of Beer Pong. Anyone can play — from the children to the grown folks — and it only costs a few bucks to create. All you need is a flat table surface, 20 red cups and a bag of jingle bells!

Christmas Smell Game:

Courtesy: Kid-Friendly Things to Do

If you’ve attended a baby shower, chances are you’ve seen the baby food game. One partner is blindfolded, while the other partner feeds different baby foods to the blindfolded partner and they guess the flavor of each item. This holiday game is similar, but instead of using your sense of taste, the blindfolded partner uses their sense of smell. It’s another cost-friendly game in which the entire family can partake. Use peppermints or marshmallows…even throw in grandma’s favorite perfume for extra kicks and giggles.

White Elephant:

White Elephant will forever be a fan favorite at any holiday party, especially if you end up going home with a good gift. Everyone places their wrapped gifts in a pile and draws numbers to decide who picks first. Number one grabs a present from the pile, then each subsequent player can either “steal” a gift from someone else or take one that hasn’t been chosen.

Cookie Decorating Contest:

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing. You can do it the old-fashioned way and have the family vote for the best decorations or you can spice things up and create categories like messiest cookie, most toppings or the most creative. The best part: everyone gets a sweet treat in the end, so it’s a win-win for all participants.

Christmas Taboo:

Photo: Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Courtesy: Etsy

Taboo is one of those games that can turn the party from zero to 100 real quick! You can purchase the original game or check out this holiday version on Etsy for only $5.

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