July 20, 2024


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So, Khloe Kardashian just shared her favourite Primark beauty product

khloe kardashian andrew fitzsimons hair products

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Sadly for us, we don’t earn anything close to the kind of money Khloe Kardashian takes home every month.

Despite having the kind of money that allows her to have the pantry of dreams and the ability to spend £50 on double stuffed Oreos every month for her iconic glass cookie jars, Khloe is actually pretty savvy when it comes to beauty products.

Not only did she share the recipe she uses to make her own homemade body scrub. Spoiler alert: all you need is brown sugar and honey, but she also loves an affordable hair product.

Taking to Instagram stories, Kim shared a picture of her favourite hairspray, brush and clips and they all come from Andrew Fitzsimons Primark range.

I know.

Andrew is Irish and is Khloe’s longterm hair stylist. He launched his debut range with Primark last year, with the aim of making high quality hair products at affordable prices, not only for the likes of us, but for hairdressers starting out who might struggle to afford to stock their kits.

Trust me when I say that the range is INCREDIBLE. Like Khloe, I’m obsessed with the hair clips but also the Dry Shampoo (thankfully I stocked up before lockdown).

Khloe’s favourite however? The Bounce Strong Hold Hairspray, which is accessible for everyone at just £2.50.

khloe kardashian andrew fitzsimons hair products primark


So, when lockdown’s over we’ll catch you in the Primark/Penneys queue… just make sure you leave a few dry shampoos for me!

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