Perfume As An Art, Kilian Hennessy Talks His Luxury Brand And The Launch Of- Roses On Ice And Angels’ Share

French born into the notorious Hennessey cognac-making family, he chose to carve out a craft different from what his last name stands for…

With over twenty years of experience as a perfumer, Hennessey has worked for some of the world’s top perfume departments of fashion houses before launching his own brand Kilian Paris 13 years ago. When asked what’s his advice for someone who wants to go into the perfume-making business, he finds the quote: “’The goal is to find a job where you would actually pay to do it, and you will never work a day in your life’” as the answer. “That is me, I could have paid to become a perfumer-and I would have totally been fine with it,” he says. And so, we dive into why this is and the fascinating story of one of luxury

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Balancing Customer Demand With Brand Identity Is a Tightrope Walk

Can a brand be customer-facing and preserve its identity? Yes, but it takes skills — and patience — to balance the two.

Channeling a timeless style into a powerhouse business is a long-term strategy. In an age of intense pressure to produce attention-grabbing fashion and spectacular catwalk shows, it’s increasingly difficult for brands to manage marketing and consumer expectations and to keep their identity intact.

Even before COVID-19, the fashion industry wigs singapore had finally begun to recognize that it was no longer able to succeed in “transmit” mode anymore. It has switched to “receive” mode.

Customers are now fully engaged with brands, and firmly in the driving seat. Brands now have to listen, and actively engage with them, asking questions such as, “What do you want to see?” and “How are we doing?”

The pandemic only accelerated the changes that digital had started. So, as we emerge from lockdown

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