The History of a Sensory Art Form

Perfume Bottles Then and Now: The History of a Sensory Art Form

Glass alabastrons (perfume bottles) from classical Greece, during the late 6th–5th century BCE. These are. core-formed glass vessels. (Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Public domain)

The history of scent is largely ephemeral. After all, the aromas of pressed lilies from the Nile banks or the precious ambergris, once worth more than gold, are hard to imagine if you’ve never smelled these rarities.

While the scent of these delicate perfume ingredients vanishes with time, countless examples of exquisite perfume bottles and containers remain to remind us of the history of the most-neglected sense. From ancient Egypt to modern Paris, the history of perfume bottles is entwined with the history of glassmaking, as well as broader artistic movements and each culture’s specific uses of perfumes.

Read on to learn more about the artistic history of perfume bottles.

You might be surprised at the long history of perfume bottles. Scroll

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10 Influential Women Designers in Fashion History

Long before the origins of what would become Women’s History Month were put in motion in 1981, female designers and pioneers in fashion were carving out their own paths to empower women with clothes that instill confidence and to create jobs that sustain livelihoods.

While millions associate fashion purely with style, these troubadours used their designs to create a more individualistic route to self expression and to alter preconceptions of what a woman should be. Conformity was not what they were after. Interestingly though, these leaders often created garments with comfort in mind so as to allow the wearer present their truest sense.

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WWD has delved into its archives to highlight how these female creatives still influence fashion today.

Madame Grès

It is not often that fashion acquires genius but, once in a while, it shows up.

Unadorned in her trademark beige turban and straightforward manner of

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Two KC teen entrepreneurs could be the next big hit in KC’s history of beauty businesses success

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The future of Kansas City’s beauty business could be in the hands of two Kansas City teenage girls.

Best friends Chondra Walters, 14, and 15-year old Makaila Traylor launched a beauty company last month called MC Cosmeticare. They got the idea to go into business because both of their mothers are entrepreneurs. The mothers helped their girls understand and complete the process of starting a business, along with offering some motherly advice.

“She informed us on the essentials and how to take care of ourselves when it comes to being business partners and starting our own business,” Traylor said.

The young entrepreneurs are walking in the shadow of some heavy-hitters in the beauty business in Kansas City. Longtime Kansas City residents are well acquainted with Blankenship Beauty and Barber supply in the 18th and Vine District.

Lawrence Blankenship Sr. and Fred Meyer started the business

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‘Dior Untold’ Podcast Recounts the House’s Perfume History

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PERFUME PODCAST: Dior Untold,” a podcast from the house of Dior, goes live on June 28 and pulls back the curtain on the story of Christian Dior and his iconic fragrance creations.

The audio journey takes listeners to locales central to the designer and the perfumes his brand made — Provence, Paris and Normandy — to meet the main characters, among other elements, of this rich history.

Dior was a perfume visionary: the first couturier to show a fashion collection at the same time as unveiling a fragrance, Miss Dior, in 1947.

The premiere podcast episode is called “Dior in Bloom” and starts in the South of France, in 1954, at the designer’s home, the Château de la Colle Noire. That’s near Grasse, France, considered the birthplace of modern perfumery, and boasts a garden and surrounding fields festooned with flowers.

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