New Exhibition and Book Delve Into Dior’s Love Affair With Roses

COMING UP ROSES: Christian Dior was famous for his love of flowers — none more so than the rose, which inspired many of the couturier’s designs and continues to fuel the French fashion house’s creative output to this day.

To celebrate its relationship with the bloom, the brand plans to stage an exhibition titled “Dior and Roses” at the Musée Christian Dior in the French seaside town of Granville from June 5 to Oct. 31 — health and safety guidelines permitting.

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An accompanying coffee table book details how the inspiration has played out over the decades across Dior’s fashion, jewelry and perfume divisions. A section is dedicated to celebrities in pink Dior dresses, including Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth and Jennifer Lawrence.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, in charge of women’s collections at Dior, has staged shows on garden sets and often features floral embroideries in

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American Beauty Climbing Roses | Home Guides

Climbing roses (Rosa spp.) are somewhat deceiving. They don’t climb with tendrils or aerial roots like many vines do. Instead, they produce very long canes that can be secured to support structures or trained to grow along fences. Two climbing roses are commonly called “American Beauty,” but the only aspect they have in common is their climbing habit and common name.

American Beauty CL Description

“American Beauty CL” (Rosa “American Beauty CL”) is a once-blooming variety. Although it blooms only once each year, however, its display of flowers is usually quite showy. A hybrid of several cultivars, a mature “American Beauty CL” plant can produce 500 to 1,000 blooms. The flowers are pink and average about 3 1/2 inches in diameter, with about 50 petals on each bloom. This hybrid rose is showy, but it is also fragrant. In fact, you might even notice the plant’s strong, pleasing scent before

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Perfume As An Art, Kilian Hennessy Talks His Luxury Brand And The Launch Of- Roses On Ice And Angels’ Share

French born into the notorious Hennessey cognac-making family, he chose to carve out a craft different from what his last name stands for…

With over twenty years of experience as a perfumer, Hennessey has worked for some of the world’s top perfume departments of fashion houses before launching his own brand Kilian Paris 13 years ago. When asked what’s his advice for someone who wants to go into the perfume-making business, he finds the quote: “’The goal is to find a job where you would actually pay to do it, and you will never work a day in your life’” as the answer. “That is me, I could have paid to become a perfumer-and I would have totally been fine with it,” he says. And so, we dive into why this is and the fascinating story of one of luxury

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