April 20, 2024


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Turns out that’s Christina Hendricks on the ‘American Beauty’ poster

More accurately, it’s Christina Hendricks’ hand that features on the iconic ‘American Beauty’ poster but it’s still quite a morsel of pop culture and movie trivia.

Christina Hendricks revealed she had a previously unknown role in the 1999 Best Picture Oscar winner ‘American Beauty’ this week. Taking to Instagram, the actress divulged that before she was an actress she worked as a model and “sometimes a hand model”, and her biggest gig? The poster for ‘American Beauty’.

Her caption reads: “Fun fact…. wait for it…I used to be a model and sometimes a hand model…. this is my hand and another model’s stomach….proud to be a part if this film in ANY WAY!!!”


If you’re wondering why it took her so long to share this info, you’re not the only one. Former ‘Mad Men’ co-star January Jones was one of the many celebs to comment on the post, exclaiming: “This is important. How come I didn’t know this?”

Elle Fanning, Busy Philipps, Alison Brie, Whitney Cummings and Rachael Leigh Cook (yes, the ’90s/’00s star is still kicking about out there) all added to the WTFery, with Cook adding: “What else are you hiding from us??”

What else indeed.

Anyway, lock that one away for the pub quizzes and whatnot.

As for the torso, we guess we’ll be left wondering although we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t “another model’s stomach” at all. You know, with the rules of film and all.