April 12, 2024


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What Makeup Brands Make You Feel Nostalgic?

What Makeup Brands Make You Feel Nostalgic?

All the feels!

In the comments yesterday, Nina and I (hey, Nina!) were chatting about office shop brand names from again in the working day. I got to imagining about all the elegance brand names at the counters in the shopping mall that make me truly feel nostalgic. I have so quite a few good memories of walking into the New Park Mall in Newark and observing all the lovely, glittering products and solutions shown at Macy’s.

My favorites back again then had been Clinique, MAC and Prescriptives… Recall Prescriptives? I wore their basis and powder for a few yrs. I was all about their perfume Calyx, also.

I also liked popping by Origins for their physique items and Estee Lauder for their perfumes.

When I think of Clinique, I don’t forget the Clinique counter that was in the bookstore at my college or university in Davis. Yup, you could pop in for an organic chemistry guide and fork out for it at the Clinique counter just as lengthy as you purchased some make-up or skin care. I’d inventory up on my favorites: a taupe pencil liner (I would like I could try to remember the identify, ugh!), Black Honey lipstick (the OG), free powder and a taupe eyeshadow identified as Fawn Satin.

If I desired to grab lipstick or lip liner from MAC, I’d have to generate to Sacramento to the Arden Honest mall. I nevertheless recall the little minor counter tucked in the corner and obtaining a tube of Paramount lipstick and Mahogany liner.

mac lipsticks at union square store
Hi there, aged good friends.

Oh, and the perfumes! Goodness gracious. Estee Lauder Pleasures, Clinique Content and MAC Turqoatic had been my jams again in the working day.

What makeup makes make you truly feel nostalgic? Remember to share in the responses.

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P.S. Hope your week is heading fantastic so considerably. We’ve arrived at the hump. Friday is just about the corner, woo hoo!