Raquel Willis Meditates With Her Plants Every Morning

Welcome to My Beauty Ritual, a series where editors, experts, and pros reveal the ways in which they use beauty — especially skin care — as a method of self-care. In this week’s installment, Raquel Willis talks about her beauty routine, activism, and why taking a break is necessary.

It can feel near-impossible to find time for yourself while doing multiple types of work — work in the traditional, capitalist sense; in the activist sense; and in the emotional sense. To prevent burning out, Raquel Willis, an award-winning writer, activist, and director of communications at the Ms. Foundation, finds self-care to be crucial.

However, she also finds the topic to be a tricky one to navigate. “I think a lot of times with the self-care conversation, there is a way that it is weaponized to make us feel shameful for not necessarily checking off all the boxes

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