10 Influential Women Designers in Fashion History

Long before the origins of what would become Women’s History Month were put in motion in 1981, female designers and pioneers in fashion were carving out their own paths to empower women with clothes that instill confidence and to create jobs that sustain livelihoods.

While millions associate fashion purely with style, these troubadours used their designs to create a more individualistic route to self expression and to alter preconceptions of what a woman should be. Conformity was not what they were after. Interestingly though, these leaders often created garments with comfort in mind so as to allow the wearer present their truest sense.

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WWD has delved into its archives to highlight how these female creatives still influence fashion today.

Madame Grès

It is not often that fashion acquires genius but, once in a while, it shows up.

Unadorned in her trademark beige turban and straightforward manner of

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