Styling your Bohemian Look with Pomelo

A person who is very much into literature, music, art, and festivals will be well aware of the Bohemian fashion. The Bohemian fashion was first introduced by the hippies and gypsies who were very much into painting, art, and music. They lived their lives in informal ways in the African and Asian countries and cities. Many people were not familiar with this style back in the 60s, but as more people discovered this style among the natives, the explorer brought it forward to the world, and the world of fashion was quick to adopt it. The bohemian fashion incorporated dresses that were long, loose, and colorful. This style was innovative in many different styles and now is famous all around the world, especially during summer. If you want to get your hand son the best bohemian inspired fashion, then head to Pomelo and get your hands on the best variety … Read More