Star French Florist Weathers Pandemic

There was a time, pre-pandemic, that Thierry Boutemy’s flowery creations graced catwalks, magazine covers and celebrity weddings.

Now, of course, the French florist — who has worked for Sofia Coppola, Lady Gaga and the fashion house Hermes — is having to weather the crisis like anyone else.

But his passion for petals has not withered.

Boutemy is horrified by the 'industrial' flower trade at venues like FloraHolland in the Netherlands Boutemy is horrified by the ‘industrial’ flower trade at venues like FloraHolland in the Netherlands Photo: AFP / EMMANUEL DUNAND

For more than 25 years, Boutemy has run his boutique in Brussels, a cob-walled den where Italian poppies, Dutch hellebores and tulips from the south of France perfume the air.

All are imported — “Belgium doesn’t produce anything in winter,” he says — but they are all blooming, alive, from soil, free from chemicals and of verified provenance.

That attention to detail and devotion to nature means Boutemy sources most of his plants from small

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5 Most Comfortable Shoes For Travelling

The Best Walking Shoes for Women | Shape Magazine

Choosing the right travel shoes is one of the most important (and most frustrating) parts of travelling to Europe. We are still struggling with it. But do not bother, we are going to help you choose the perfect shoes for travel in this guide.

Finding, buying, and breaking in comfortable, stylish travelling shoes is essential when packing for your vacation. Think about it, are you happy when your legs hurt? No, no. It is not fun even when you are at home. Comfortable legs are delighted. It would help if you shopped at Plutosport for your comfortable footwear.

Here are a few things to consider when assessing your shoes

  • Remember Comfort Beats Fashion: It does not matter how cute your shoes are—they stay at home if they are uncomfortable. One nasty blister or aching leg can ruin your day.
  • Quality socks: People spend a lot of money on
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A Designer Who Celebrates West Indian Elegance

Maximilian Davis grew up in Manchester, England, in a lively, close-knit family for whom fashion was a shared interest. His mother had modeled in the ’70s, and both his father and older sister studied clothing design before pursuing other careers. Davis himself was just 6 when his maternal grandmother taught him how to use a sewing machine. She also instilled in him the importance of “using clothes to represent who you are,” he says. “She always made an effort. She would wear the most colorful embroidered nightgown, spray herself with perfume before bed and say, ‘If I die in my sleep, I want to smell nice!’” Seeing her in her Sunday best for church also left an impression. “It was the one moment where the Black community in our area would really get dressed up,” Davis, now 25, recalls. “There was something joyous about that.” It was fitting, then, that

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Stepping Away From Fashion For Some Time, Iconic Fashion Designer Alber Elbaz Returns With His Own House, AZ Factory

“Now, during the pandemic I’m not seeing the pink hats and leopard skirts at the shows, I see sweaters and shirts- these are the women, this is the need, and I designed my first story with zero ego,” says Alber Elbaz…

The mere fact that Alber Elbaz isn’t a size zero has made him aware that collections cannot be made for one body type. Women know this, he gets this and then he creates this. He is a designer that truly has women in his heart and mind when creating collections, or as he rather likes to refer to them as ‘stories.’


The kind and humble Moroccan-born, but Israel raised fashion designer is a man of this age where he worked hard to

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