CVS Deals Starting This Sunday (June 19th)

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CVS Deals – Top Deals Coming!

Top 5 CVS Deals


Top 10 CVS Deals Starting Sunday!

Here’s the top deals we see coming next week. As always, we’ll be posting other deals as they come along but this will get you started. Be sure and print or clip any coupons you need now so you’ll have them ready. 

Coupons printing from the kiosk and available in the app for everyone starting 6-:

  • $4/1 Revlon or Almay cosmetics
  • $1/2 Hershey’s singles 

Keep in mind, CVS has revamped their ExtraCare program. Instead of earning 2% back on your purchases every 3 months (Quarterly ExtraBucks) you get them with every purchase. Click here to read about all the changes. 


⭐Hershey’s singles 1.3-2 oz. 2/$2 (or $1.25 each)
Use $1/2 coupon printing from kiosk or in app (for

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How Proactive Customer Service Benefits Your Post-purchase CX

Carrier errors and customer anxiety beyond the buy button are inevitable. However, with’s Delivery Experience Management (DEM) platform, you can turn customer anxiety and frustration into fierce loyalty by implementing proactive customer service in the post-purchase phase. 

With DEM, you can be awesome, even when your shipping carriers disappoint. Delivery issues are inevitable even with the most efficient carriers. While you do not have control over such events, you can step in before customer impact and proactively address them, thereby instilling confidence in your customers.

Also, reduce angry WISMO by 70% with proactive order status updates. Your customers’ anticipation is at its peak when they are waiting for their packages – we’re sure your support agents can’t agree more. So, keep your customers in the loop about the whereabouts of their order with proactive communication and free up your support reps’ time to focus on more pressing issues.

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Meet Nicholas Daley, the vibey winner of GQ’s Designer Fashion Fund 2022

“To be sincere, I don’t keep in mind when I 1st satisfied Nicholas,” writes Don Letts through e mail, “but which is for the reason that I just cannot keep in mind very last 7 days. Possessing said that, I do keep in mind assembly Nicholas ‘cause it was like conference a younger version of myself, which was a excursion, ‘cause y’all know there is only one particular Don Letts!

“With audio n’ fashion as his weapons of option, Nicholas has carved out a distinctive room of his very own that speaks volumes about what it implies to be black n’ British,” Letts provides, “so I got very little but adore for the brother and evidently he likes me as well. Hey, it is all about flavor and he’s definitely bought some. The duality of our existence i.e becoming Black n’ British intended we had an automated relationship, so collaborating

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5 Proven Ways to Tighten Saggy Breasts

Photo by Leticia Azevedo
Photo by Leticia Azevedo

The passage of time, gravity, and other lifestyle things do a variety on at first perky boobs. The pores and skin all-around the boobs becomes fewer elastic and weaker, foremost to saggy breasts. It is almost nothing out of the standard for breasts to droop. That in no way implies that you need to welcome the change. It may result in stress and anxiety when these adjustments make you truly feel like you are unable to identify on your own any longer. It can also be tricky on your self-esteem and human body self esteem. The good news is, there are actions and demonstrated means to tighten droopy boobs. Let us dive into some of those people methods:

Using breast tightening oils

The marketplace has no shortage of breast tightening oils and creams. The vast array of oils claims to operate on your pores and skin

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