February 22, 2024


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The ‘Beauty Needs Me’ Podcast with Dunni Odumosu & Taleah Griffin Returns Thurs. Feb. 4

Beauty Needs Me
Beauty Needs Me – Dunni Odumosu (left) and Taleah Griffin (right)

*New episodes of iHeart award-nominated “Beauty Needs Me Podcast” will start to air weekly every Thursday as of February 4. Hosted by Taleah Griffin, a previous publicist and writer turned model/actress/host, and Dunni Odumosu, a previous L’Oreal cosmetic chemist and now global biopharma professional, these 2 ladies have phenomenal much-needed voices in beauty. 

The podcast has previously featured discussions with brand founders like Urban SkinRx’s Rachel Roff, industry folk like Emmy winning hairstylist, Angela Styles and Dove’s Herman Riley, and the science behind the products we love (and need) to use and more!

“Beauty Needs Me,” hosted by two millennial women and self-proclaimed “lazy beauty girls,” seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity in the beauty realm by amplifying the voices of Black women and other women of color. By combining their unique perspectives and worldly experiences, Taleah and Dunni have candidly insightful discussions that extend across color, culture & country lines.

Taleah is the Co-Founder/Co-Host and Producer of the podcast “Beauty Needs Me”. Nominated for Best Beauty & Fashion Podcast at the 2021 iHeart Radio Podcast Awards, “Beauty Needs Me” is a podcast that inspires conversations around beauty and wellness that cross color, culture and country lines.

She began her career as a publicist and culture writer and has spent the last decade as a professional actress and model. Prior to launching “Beauty Needs Me” she founded Le’Ru Productions, a production company that advocates for stories by women and people of color within television and film.

Ms. Griffin received her BS from Columbia College Chicago where she studied Marketing and is a graduate of The William Esper Studio.

Dunni is a careerpreneur with entrepreneurial endeavors in beauty and a career in biopharma. Dunni is the Co-Founder and Co-host of the Beauty Needs Me podcast – nominated for the 2021 iHeart Radio Podcast Award for Best in Beauty & Fashion. Beauty Needs Me is an inclusive platform where honest and down to earth conversations about beauty, skincare and self-care cross color, culture and country lines. The podcast features discussions with founders, industry folk and the science behind the products we love to use and more!

Dunni is also the founder of House of AREWA (HOA), the modern-day matchmaker for independent beauty brands looking to expand into African markets. Dunni’s professional experience as a L’Oreal cosmetic chemist and her global roles in the biopharma industry allow her to use a scientific and international business mindset for beauty brands looking to expand into Africa. Dunni leads the way for HOA by leveraging relationships in the U.S. and African beauty industries to promote a two-way exchange of commerce and visibility. With a mission to bridge the gap between Africa and the global beauty industry, Dunni strives to create connections and opportunities for business growth within Africa.

Dunni received both her B.S. in Chemistry and M.S. in Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs from Temple University.