AI and the 2022 Summer Retail Supply Chain

Retail has been one of the hardest hit sectors by the supply chain disruptions that have occurred over the past 24 months. And things are not set to get any easier as spring gets under way and refrigerated transportation season ramps up.

Refrigerated season is one of the most congested and hectic times of year, so retailers are no strangers to having to deal with refrigerated headaches even during the best of times. And with a number of disturbances still shaking up the retail supply chain, many retailers are particularly nervous this year as they try to navigate this historically hectic period in the face of unprecedented uncertainty and unpredictability.

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This has led many retailers to lean more heavily into technology than ever before with many leveraging AI in particular in hopes of drastically improving their flexibility and agility. With

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Tone It Up: Testing Toner Pads from Three K-Beauty Faves – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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The 10-step Korean skin care routine is a luxurious and relaxing form of self-care. Unfortunately, I usually don’t have the extra minutes for a long multi-step process so I’m more of a skip-care type. Toner pads are among the best and most convenient skip-care products because they cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin with just a few swipes. You may also wipe them over the chest and back to prevent breakouts, or leave them on the cheeks, forehead and chin like a sheet mask.

As the temperature rises mercilessly outside, staying constantly in air-conditioned spaces makes my skin more prone to dryness. To save time on maintaining my skin’s moisture level, I decided to ditch my toners and cotton rounds once in a while and turn to pre-soaked toner pads for a more streamlined approach. In the past ten days, I tried moisturizing toner pads from

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The Nominations: Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022

The Pure Beauty Global Awards Edit features 24 premium global beauty brands worth knowing about. This exclusive edit brings you 27 products, 18 new brands to LiB and an ALL FULL-SIZE lineup.

You can choose 6 products and create your edit worth up to £500, for only £36. You can create unlimited edits, giving you more chances to try all of the award-nominated products.


The first customers who create their edits will also receive a free extra treat from AVON. Nominated for the Best New Affordable Skin Care Product and Best New Serum category, AVON’s Anew Renewal Protinol™ Power Serum features niacinamide and Protinol™, an award-winning and patented anti-ageing ingredient, that restores collagen production and smooths fine lines.

Plus, you will also get a chance to try their Anew Lifting Dual Eye System, which helps nourish, tighten, revitalise and lift the eye area.

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17 AAPI-Owned Brands You Should Be Shopping RN and Forever

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