Watch How a Beautiful Seashell Bronze Metal Clay Pendant is Made


Crafters who excel in polymer clay are naturals for metal clay.  They will be able to work with many of the same tools to work the clay. The difference is polymer clay is baked at low temperatures while metal clay has to be fired by torch or in a kiln.

Watch how Ludmila Bakulina of SweetBijou created her beautiful seashell pendant using bronze metal clay. 

Metal clay is a mix of metal and a binder. The latter has to be burned off, resulting in the pure metal.  Torch firing is the least expensive burning off method as it only requires a torch rather than a kiln.  Small pieces of jewelry can be torch fired but larger pieces will require a kiln. 

Timing and watching the glow of the piece being torched is key to success. Not only does the binder have to be burned off but the sintering process

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Lewis Hamilton is in a staredown with F1 over his nose ring and one side will have to blink this week in Monaco


Lewis Hamilton won’t comply with the jewelry ban.Michael Regan/Getty Images

  • The FIA wants to enforce its jewelry ban, citing safety concerns.

  • Some believe the rule is targeted at Lewis Hamilton, who typically drives with earrings and a nose stud.

  • Hamilton refuses to comply with the rule and will likely face fines to start.

Lewis Hamilton is still refusing to remove all of his jewelry for the Monaco Grand Prix, and now the FIA must decide if this is where they want to draw a line in the sand over safety issues.

Before the Miami Grand Prix, Formula One’s governing body announced it would start enforcing its ban on jewelry during races, calling the accessories a safety hazard. Some felt the move targeted Lewis Hamilton, who has worn earrings and a nose stud throughout his career.

Hamilton said there are “at least two” that he can’t remove, including the

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The Coastal Grandmother Starter Pack | EDITED


What is a Coastal Grandmother?

The escapist, minimalist subculture that embraces a lifestyle by the coast is the latest aesthetic going viral on TikTok. 

EDITED recently explored the market impact of Bimbocore, fueled by Y2K dressing and Pamela Anderson experiencing a pop culture renaissance. This week, we unpack the Coastal Grandmother subculture, which is not limited to summer or older generations despite the name!

Read on to find out the signature products and retailers can transition the trend into fall.

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Ready For Summer – Cella Jane


LOOKS LINKED BELOW – all fit true to size. I am wearing size small.

Who else is ready for summer? The kids are almost done with school, temperatures are rising and the sun is setting later. I love this time of year with the transition from spring to summer as there’s always a feeling of excitement in the air. With the summer season comes fun outdoor gatherings and nights out – two things I’m also really looking forward to with our backyard now finished!

With every seasonal transition, Nordstrom is one of the first retailers I’ll browse whether for a new trendy piece, an updated wardrobe basic, or accessories. I love their selection across categories and feel like it’s a one-stop-shop!

For the summer season, I picked up some great new styles for under $100 each. I’ve been really loving the monochromatic look, and kept that trend going with

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