Dollar General Unadvertised Deals – No Need For a Sale

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Dollar General Unadvertised Deals! 

dollar general unadvertised deals

This Week’s Dollar General Unadvertised Deals!

Here’s your list of deals NOT found in the weekly ad. These are deals you can score everyday until the coupon expires or Dollar General changes the price. Some will use paper coupons while others will use the DG digital coupons found on their website or in your app. 

This will be an ongoing post, expired items will be deleted and new ones added. The newest deals will be at the top. Some coupons may be regional and not found in all Sunday coupon inserts. Keep in mind that prices can vary by area. 

Some of these deals are with ibotta. If you’re not an ibotta user click here to get the app and start saving today! 


Werther’s Originals

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Top 5 Asian Beauty Products You Can Buy On Amazon

The Korean beauty craze is still going strong, and our 10+ steps beauty routines vividly reflect that. Thanks to Asian beauty, terms like double-cleansing and BB cream firmly settled in skincare aficionados’ lingo. We are no longer surprised with K-beauty face taping before-afters, mind-blowing skincare hacks on TikTok, and even the puppy liner makeup technique. Buzz-worthy Asian beauty products mesmerize, inspire, and create a cult-like following across the globe.

Just think about all the recent trends that came into the spot, thanks to Asian beauty. Slugging, glass skin, snail mucin, acne patches, and faux freckles became an essential part of our beauty lineup that we no longer know where they came from. Just think about how often you use sheet masks (originated in South Korea) and pick double-cleansing for your nighttime routine and realize the influence Asian beauty has on the skincare world. Beauty innovations from Asia disrupt the

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Kate Middleton Puts on a Patriotic Show to Present Fashion Talent Award

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, stepped out in a show of patriotic style in London on Wednesday as she presented the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design at an event hosted by the British Fashion Council.

For the occasion, the duchess wore a $985 (£786) malachite green midi dress with a high draped neckline, flared skirt and trailing sleeve details from British-based brand Edeline Lee.

Kate’s outfit has been praised by the fashion press, and follows a recent style transformation made by the duchess over recent years that has seen her become more experimental in her fashion choices.

Since her marriage in 2011, Kate has become one of the most visible ambassadors for British fashion with her influence on fashion consumption—dubbed the “Kate effect”—said to be worth upwards of $1 billion annually to the U.K fashion industry.

Kate Middleton QEII Award for British Design
Kate Middleton attended the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design
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The Healthiest Ways To Recover From Heartbreak

There are so many causes for being broken-hearted. We’ve all undoubtedly experienced at least one heartbreak in our lives, and unfortunately, that one may not be the last. From experience, we all know that it is not a pleasant feeling, and it’s certainly not one we’d like to have regularly. 

Here are some of the healthiest ways to recover from heartbreak!  

A broken heart is not a myth, it can be a real heart problem!

Although broken heart syndrome has a romantic name, it can become a serious condition that is generally brought on by stressful or extreme conditions, such as the death of a loved one, or the end of a friendship or relationship. This condition can cause abrupt chest discomfort or make people fear they’re having a heart attack. This type of discomfort is caused by the heart reacting to a surge of stress chemicals. Research is still

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