Marketing Techniques for Sunglasses

For a lot of consumers, eyepieces like sunglasses do more than make it easier for people to see in bright lights. These things stand for something more. It is a sense of style, a special device that customers need to perform particular jobs, or a commitment to safety and health. These people’s needs can be valuable when companies are deciding how to market their eyewear. 

First impressions

A lot of people are taught at a very young age to look other individuals in the eye. That behavior will make this device the first accessory most individuals notice. That is why the style is an essential aspect of sunglasses to highlight when marketing this product. 

Companies need to make sure that their advertising materials will reflect individuals who embody their target market’s aspiration and desire. If their clients think their sunglasses look hip and cool in their marketing materials, they will … Read More

Donald Rabin left a $22,000 flute on a Chicago train, and a homeless man helped him retrieve it

“FLUTE EMERGENCY,” Rabin, 23, wrote. “My flute was left on the train. … I’m desperate to find it because it is my joy, career, and sole passion in this world. … I just hope that a kind soul is out there with my instrument.”

Against all odds, Rabin got a message back. A homeless man had found the silver and 18-karat-gold flute, but there was a catch: He’d have to accompany him to a pawnshop and pay $550 to retrieve it.

“There was no way that was happening,” Rabin told The Washington Post in an interview late Thursday.

It would take a conscientious pawnshop owner and the help of the Chicago police, but Rabin eventually got back his prized flute, without having to pay the $550.

“I really do empathize with the homeless couple,” Rabin told The Post. “I believe in second chances, and I wanted to give him the

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InspirationWear Announces Free VIP Program for Influencers to Create Custom Line of InspirationWear-style Clothing and Accessories

New VIP profit-sharing program grants influencers with one million or more followers access to create a self-branded private collection of InspirationWear for fans.

InspirationWear Announces Free VIP Program for Influencers to Create Custom Line of InspirationWear-style Clothing and Accessories

New York, NY, January 28, 2021 –(– Social media influencers and other public figures can now create their very own line of InspirationWear-style clothing and accessories thanks to a new Private Collection Partnership (PCP) program announced today by the company. InspirationWear, a New York-based fashion brand whose unique designs reflect a love of typography and design, describes the PCP as profit-sharing program wherein social media influencers with one million or more followers can partner with InspirationWear to create a clothing and accessories collection featuring their own brand name or catch phrase, without any cost to them.

“The announcement of the Private Collection Partnership program is very exciting for us and is just the beginning of the unique strategy that we have devised to grow the InspirationWear brand

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Bronx clothing designer’s new fashion line incapsulates city-chic with ancient Nigerian style

A Nigerian fashion designer in the Bronx has a new clothing line out, made to be dynamic and versatile, no matter what New Yorkers have going on.

Chuks Collins has a new lifestyle clothing brand out called “The Athletic Side of Us,” that’s made for relaxing, working out or hitting the streets.

“People want clothes that they can transition in. If I wake up in the morning and I just want to go for a walk in the park, and from there I get a call to go somewhere,” Collins says.

He says he draws inspiration from across New York City, but especially from Crotona Park because he lives and works right across the street.

“The Bronx has inspired me a lot, even a couple of the clothes I’ve named after a couple of the

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