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Dalit Women In India Are Facing A Sexual Violence Epidemic — & Fighting Back

On September 14, 2020, 19-year-old Manisha Valmiki was raped in Uttar Pradesh, a northern state in India. She had her tongue cut, and spine broken during the attack, which was allegedly conducted by four men. Fifteen days later, she died of injuries. A week after that, another 22-year-old woman in India died en route to a hospital after her mother says she was brought home by a rickshaw-wallah driver and “thrown in front of our house” while she “could barely stand or speak.” She also appeared to have been raped; like Manisha, she lived in Uttar Pradesh, and belonged to the Dalit community, which is an Indian caste considered to be in the lowest position. The following month, Manisha’s name appeared on protest signs across New Delhi, India’s capital city, and in other

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So, Khloe Kardashian just shared her favourite Primark beauty product

khloe kardashian andrew fitzsimons hair products

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Sadly for us, we don’t earn anything close to the kind of money Khloe Kardashian takes home every month.

Despite having the kind of money that allows her to have the pantry of dreams and the ability to spend £50 on double stuffed Oreos every month for her iconic glass cookie jars, Khloe is actually pretty savvy when it comes to beauty products.

Not only did she share the recipe she uses to make her own homemade body scrub. Spoiler alert: all you need is brown sugar and honey, but she also loves an affordable hair product.

Taking to Instagram stories, Kim shared a picture of her favourite hairspray, brush and clips and they all come from Andrew Fitzsimons Primark range.

I know.

Andrew is Irish and is Khloe’s longterm hair stylist. He launched his debut range with Primark last year, with the aim of

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Stay-at-home orders due to COVID unpredictable situations have transformed E-Commerce immensely. From December 2019 to July 2020, Corona has taken a massive amount of lives worldwide. The destruction caused by this outbreak is witnessed by the whole world. Economic disasters are spreading continuously. As it is the digital era, there was positivity in the rise of E-commerce platforms. Visit uk.collected.reviews for more information.


E-Commerce emerged as a favorable shining jewel in the battle against COVID-19. It supported mankind and helped in reducing the disease spread by selling products and services online. Grocery stores began selling products by introducing door-to-door facilities which eliminated the risk of in-store interactions. Eventually, this practice nullified in-person cash purchases and got replaced by electronic banking. 

Also, e-Commerce has supported economies to maintain employment throughout these major crises. There are numerous shopping platforms that have tried to secure the simple customer base that has … Read More

Miami Florida is the most glamorous city in America – study

Do you even know how glamorous we are, Miami? So glamorous! Here, look at this photo of the Design District, where we all shop  LOL.

Do you even know how glamorous we are, Miami? So glamorous! Here, look at this photo of the Design District, where we all shop LOL.


Forget the daily terrors and aggravations: COVID, the housing crisis, rampant income inequity, non existent public transportation, hurricanes, bad drivers, drunk boaters, carpetbagging tech bros, people who eat food in the grocery store before they pay for it.

Forget them all, and know this: Miami is the most glamorous city in America.

You know how we know this is true? Lawnstarter.com says it is true, and who would have its finger on the pulse of glamour more accurately than a website that helps you price lawn maintenance services?

Lawnstarter examined the 50 biggest U.S. cities across 20 key “glam” factors: including high-end jewelry and cosmetics stores, Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels, Fashion Week events and household wealth (not our household). The number of

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