the best products by luxury brands

Whether or not we consider ourselves ‘post-pandemic’, there is a big appetite for buying luxury products again, and sales of premium beauty products are on the rise. According to the NPD Group, sales of prestige products increased by 11 per cent in the UK in the first half of 2021, against the same period last year. This rings true to the Lipstick Index theory, coined by Leonard Lauder in 2001 – which argued that during times of recession and hardship, we turn to beauty products as our little indulgences.

As far as luxury beauty products go, we are spoilt for choice with the excellent offering from the fashion houses. Louis Vuitton’s perfumes are some of my absolute favourites. Not only are the apothecary bottles completely stunning, as you’d expect, but the blends are so good that I dare you to try to stop at one spray. I’ve worn the lively,

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Learn How To Calculate Diamond Prices In Texas

Diamond Price: How Much a Diamond is Worth - October 2021

Diamonds are pricey and knowing how they get that price can be interesting. Wholesale loose diamonds in Texas are usually priced according to a lot of factors, such as color, shape, cut, clarity, and others. If you are planning to buy one, knowing how a diamond is priced can come in handy. Here are some ways to learn how to calculate diamond prices in Texas.

The Three Steps To Buying A Diamond


All diamonds that are purchased should come with a certificate. This can be proof that they are authentic, and have been evaluated before they are sold. The most legit certificates come from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). The certificates given include the details of the diamonds such as symmetry of cut, carat weight, color grade, and clarity grade. 


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