I Asked 17 NYC and L.A. Women What Perfume They Wear the Most

We write a lot about the fashion choices of NYC and L.A. women here at Who What Wear, but I have a different topic for you today: fragrance. The scent a person wears is obviously something you can’t see with your own two eyes, so I asked a handful of chic Los Angeles-and-New York dwellers myself.

I could’ve asked these women what their favorite perfumes are, but instead, I asked what perfumes they wear the most. If someone asked me today what my favorite perfume is, I’d probably have trouble narrowing it down, and I’m not sure that it would be the one I wear the most at this time in my life. What’s more interesting to me is the scents that are versatile, accessible, and compliment-prone enough for everyday wear. These are the things that are most likely to influence our fragrance purchases.

With that, scroll on

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Paco Rabanne perfume delivers connected experience with ST NFC

European fashion house Paco Rabanne has launched a new fragrance for men in a connected bottle which has an embedded STMicroelectronics NFC (near-field communication) tag chip to gives its customers access to its online ‘Phanton Universe’ experience.

Access to Paco Rabanne’s Phantom Universe is enabled by ST’s chip, the ST25TV, which is encapsulated into the innovative Phantom-bottle cap. The cap meets the technical and aesthetic needs of Paco Rabanne’s Phantom fragrance, and was developed through close collaboration among ST, Paco Rabanne, tag inlay-specialist Paragon ID, and VPI (FaiveleyPlastBeauty), an expert in injection molding, decoration, and assembly.

Together, the partners worked out how to embed a general-purpose, NFC-certified Type 5 tag IC for maximum operating volume and range along with a custom small antenna into a space-constrained perfume bottle cap where the parasitic effects of the shiny chrome-metal finishing can wreak havoc on connectivity. Using NFC eliminates the need for

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Russian E-Commerce Giant Wildberries Expands to Baltics

A Wildberries pick-up point in Russia. Wildberries.

Russia’s online mass market fashion leader has launched in three Baltic states, adding Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to its rapidly growing roster of international markets. It is now present in 16 countries outside its home market.

Though it faced challenges in Ukraine this summer, Wildberries’ aggressive expansion plan has seen it reach as far westward as Germany in Europe and penetrate markets such as Israel and the US. The strategy is key for the company as it fends off advances from would-be competitors such as search giant Yandex, who set up a $1 billion e-commerce venture with state owned Sberbank, Mail.ru which has a partnership with China’s Alibaba, and Ozon.

Orders in the Baltic region will be delivered by international logistics operators to 270 partner pickup points in Estonia, 210 in Latvia and 300 in Lithuania, as well as by courier delivery in

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The New Allure of Overseas Chinese Influencers | China Decoded, BoF Professional

This season’s fashion weeks may be a turning point for brands’ China-focused marketing strategists, leaving them with a larger, diverse and perhaps more complex network of influencers around the globe.

With ongoing travel restrictions keeping the mainland’s key opinion leaders (KOLs) stuck at home, many brands are filling the marketing void with KOLs living outside China. Not only can overseas KOLs be an attractive alternative for brands readjusting strategies in response to Covid-19′s knock-on effects in the short-term, but they also allow them to diversify their marketing budgets in the wake of Beijing’s recent crackdown on certain celebrity ambassadors and other ostentation in the entertainment industry.

And what the overseas influencers may lack in terms of the high profiles of top China-based KOLs, they want to make up for it in other ways, including a loyal fan base. It’s no surprise then that overseas KOLs are already part and parcel

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