Prada’s POC design incubator and Ann Demeulemeester

Can you feel the first chill of autumn? Don’t despair. Summer may have come and gone While many in the brief bat of an eyelash, but there are silver linings to the arrival of the colder months. As a certain fashion doyenne once put it, September is the January of fashion! It’s the month of renewal, dusting off big coats and leather boots, and, most importantly, the return of the real-life fashion weeks. After a couple of months of designers cruising the Mediterranean, we’re back with a slew of announcements. We have one iconic Belgian designer returning to fashion, another you’ve never heard of joining an iconic Italian house, and we have wardrobe propositions courtesy of newly-arrived campaigns (as well as that infamous Bottega Veneta collection in Berlin). Oh, and cars — a surprising amount of automobile-themed fashion. Here’s what’s in fashion.

Ann Demeulemeester is back! 

You’ve heard of the

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